“What If You Could Access The Businesses and List Owners Who Collectively
Dominate The Personal Development Industry

And… Become Their Close Friends”

Before you read any further, watch the video below to see just a sample
of what you’ll be experiencing at this year’s event:

A Unique Event for Business Leaders

The “A Bug Free Mind Mastermind” is unique because it brings together the elite and most successful leaders in the Personal Development space for 7 whole days to network, share ideas, discover new opportunities and form lifelong connections and friendships

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Mastermind which is recognized as one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the industry.

Attendance is by invite only and the event is STRICTLY limited to 120 attendees, making it THE most sought after invitation.

Jack Canfield

Brian Tracy

“…some of the most positive and future focused people that I’ve ever met”

Rev. Michael Beckwith

“…there is a lot of expertise in the room…way more skilled than I am.”

What’s In It For You?

This year we are opening up the event to just a handful of
carefully selected exhibitors

Are you tired of being one of many vendors sitting in curtained booths waiting for attendees to rush past you on their way to the restroom, or as they head off to grab some lunch?

Are you fed up of having to fish for business in an ocean of delegates, hoping that you might just be lucky and land the right one?

Well, how about we change all that?

Does the chance to spend SEVEN days and nights, socializing, strategizing, having fun and building lifelong relationships with the TOP marketers in the Personal Development space sound more worthwhile for you and your business?

Do you think being a PEER connected to business leaders and their customers, instead of just another service provider in an exhibition hall, would be a far better investment of your time and resources?

Every one of the guests at the Las Vegas Mastermind is invited by way of an exclusive invitation.

And that includes you.

If you are reading this, then a collective of the best minds think YOU are valuable and would benefit from being at this event.

The environment created at this event allows everyone to relax, build strong friendships and business partnerships, share truth about our successes and struggles, and learn how to be better, serve more and earn more.

What value could feedback from a group of this magnitude provide for you?

The value of this event really cannot be over emphasized.

Let’s face it, when leaders as respected and in demand as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and Rev. Michael Beckwith take four solid days out of their schedule, not only to speak but also to simply hang out and learn, you KNOW this has to be something special.


Choose from Four Great Exhibitor Packages

Silver Package

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Gold Package

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Platinum Package

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Diamond Package

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What Else Can You Expect?

This event really is unlike any other you’ll find. People give, share, joint venture and network freely with their peers. Attendees are considered respected experts and come from many different industries, from the worlds of Property, Business, Investing, Personal Development, Media, PR and Marketing.

Industry Leaders Sharing Their Insights

industry leaders - lynn rose-1

Lynn Rose

industry leaders - croix sather-1

Croix Sather

industry leaders - justin tupper-1

Justin Tupper

You’ll get to be part of this 7 Day and 7 Night extraordinary event including networking dinners, receptions and parties, as well as 3 full days of valuable content, ideas and insights during the NO PITCHING presentations from industry leaders and guest speakers.

Sponsored Activities and Networking Parties

vip party 1
vip party 2 new
vip party 3

Sponsored Dinners, Receptions, Lunches

sponsored dinner 11
sponsored dinners 33

Throughout the event you’ll be making friends, building lasting relationships and having fun!

Connections and Lifelong Friendships

lifelong friendships 2
lifelong friendships 33

“Surprise” Guest Speakers

guest speaker -jack canfield-1

Jack Canfield
Guest Speaker 2017

guest speaker - brian tracy

Brian Tracy
Guest Speaker 2016

Rev. Michael Beckwith
Guest Speaker 2015

Everyone drops their guard and YOU get unrestricted access and influence for the entire event. And this year promises to be our best event yet!

Is It Worth You Coming?



“We literally could not buy the lasting
benefits we enjoy from being involved in
this Mastermind.”

Mark Donnan CEO Moneybrands
International Limited

mark donnan

See what past attendees have to say about the event and decide whether this is an event that you will be
able to add value to as well as benefit from.


“this is the place to be”


“it’s been great to connect with leaders in this field”


“the best decision we’ve made as a company”


“you’ve put together the cream of the crop”


“one of the great things is having personal, unstructured time”


“I could not recommend them highly enough”

What's Included?

silver exhibitor gold exhibitor
platinum exhibitor
diamond package
2 Remaining 4 Remaining 3 Remaining 1 Remaining
Investment $15k $25k $35k $50k+
Number of Attendees 1 Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 4
7 Days Unlimited Access To Business Leaders
Full Access to 3 Full Masterminding Days
- all presentations and lunches included
Invitation to Sponsored Dinners
Invitation to Private Drinks Party
Invitation to ALL Sponsored Activities
Invitation to Exclusive VIP Last Day Event
Logo and Link on Event Website Top of Homepage Top of Homepage
Advertising Feature In Event Brochure Half Page Full Page Two Page Two Page
Banners In Event Masterminding Room 1 1 2 2
Option To Include Item In Welcome Pack
Verbal Acknowledgement From Stage
Option to Present On Stage 15 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
Option To Be Named As Sponsor of Specific Activity

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Act Now - for a week that will enhance your business and change your life

Remember, this is an invite only event and the number of attendees is strictly limited to 120 and the number of exhibitor packages is also strictly limited.

So if you’re thinking about joining us, get in touch today and let’s talk.