By Invitation Only:
The Amazing “A Bug Free Mind”
Las Vegas Mastermind
7th – 13th May 2018

“What Happens In Vegas?”

Watch a selection of videos to discover just some of the things we’ve got up to at previous events, what attendees say about the event and get an even greater idea of what you’ll be experiencing when you attend this year’s event!

A Unique Event for Business Leaders

A Message From Brian Tracy


“...some of the most positive and future focused people that I’ve ever met...”

A Message From Reverend Michael Beckwith


"...I think there is a lot of expertise here in the room...probably way more skilled than I am..."

A Message From Bob Doyle


“...this is my favourite mastermind that I have ever attended...”

A Message From Michael Stevenson


“...we get more value out of this than almost any other mastermind...”

A Message From Andrea Adams-Miller


“...this is where all the people pull together to think 'how can we all do better for everybody and make a difference in the world?'...”

A Message From Jason Myers


"...they treat you like royalty...”

A Message From Dr Joe Rubino


“...the greatest part of this was meeting some extraordinarly powerful people who are committed to people's lives...”

A Message From Blair Gorman


“’s been an amazing few days...”

A Message From Cyndi Krupp


“this is really get to work and make lots of money with the greatest people in the world...”

A Message From Alvin Huang


“...having lots and lots of fun, meeting amazing people, making lots of great connections...”

A Message From Adam Gilad


“...I’m just so proud to know everybody...”

A Message From Kads Chowdry


“’s been absolutely phenomenal...”

A Message From Keith Matthew


“...I actually, just a couple of minutes ago, finished doing a business deal...”

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